I make paintings that draw from an exploration of classical painting traditions.

A native of Michigan, I received a BA in art history before moving to NYC to work as a graphic designer. After several years in the design field, I started making fine art. My paintings reflect my art history education and classical studio training, but seen through a modern eye.
Portraits and landscapes are the themes for most of my work. Influenced by artists like Euan Uglow and Catherine Kehoe, I use Cubist angles, clear demarcation of tonal shifts and chromatic intensity. The resulting paintings produce heightened views of the everyday while I explore the line between the abstract and recognizable, careful observation and the freely made mark.
As a teacher and arts innovator, I propose that some art can be made not only by studio trained artists, but freely and spontaneously, by everyone. I encourage process oriented engagement with materials and themes. This results in abstract, almost hieroglyphic collages in addition to more illustrative pieces.
I have a deep respect for the value of painting, drawing, and collage as expressions of the human experience.

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