Many Become One is the title of Tucker's collaborative art series. These programs, created and directed by Pam, are built on the idea that through the positive energy of group dynamics, highly creative art pieces can be produced. Both the events and resulting art pieces highlight the pleasure of community as well as validate the creativity of participating individuals.


COLLAGES, DRAWINGS, AND PRINTS (shown on next screens):

Genesis I and II are large collages. Teenage participants rotated through drawing stations where they drew on supplied paper. Pam immediately cut, placed and pasted their drawings creating 2 large collages.

The Genesis Drawings are the results of marks that bled through the thin tissue paper.  These marks occurred as different sitters rotated through the event stations and as they drew, they randomly positioned the paper underneath the tissue that protected the table top. The accidental bleeds and random positioning created drawings that generally had 3 - 4 participants.

The Genesis Mixed Media pieces were made by silkscreening the Genesis drawings, and painting on the resulting prints.

As the spring Maker-In-Residence at the Harrison Library, Pam led a community art event as part of Harrison's annual Japanese Festival. Participants did drawings that Pam collaged into a large piece, with final adjustments made later in her studio.

The finished piece will be shown at the July exhibition of community collages at the Helperin Gallery at the library.

Paint Fiesta was a collaborative art event celebrating Hispanic Heritage month held in the Children's Room at the Mount Vernon Public Library.

Children drew and painted images that they related to their "village" of Mount Vernon. With the library as the mural's center point, and using the saturated color and active design often seen in Central and South American art, children drew and painted cars, buses, trucks, dinosaurs, flowers, tigers, unicorns, people, butterflies, stars, balloons, houses, schools, homes, and much, much more.

African Patterns and Paper was a children's event scheduled in December, the month of Kwanzaa.

Quilting Bee was an adult event held at the Mount Vernon Public Library.

Using the MVPL library logo as a design element, participants created their own quilt checkerboard square using precut painted paper squares that they personalized.

Pamela Tucker and Michelle Burton created the exhibition, Faces of Westchester Libraries, to showcase the staff of Westchester libraries.

‚ÄčAs libraries take on more projects like ESL, resume writing, internet skills and access, and more, the face of the modern library might seem to be changing. But in fact, there is always a human being behind the library's shifts in technology, access, and mission. 

The project included, in the librarian's own words, why libraries are important and why they find their profession so rewarding. This documentary element added to the mission of this culturally important exhibition by personalizing the portraits and letting the individuals speak for themselves.

Shown here are two areas of the installation that show paintings by several artists including Michelle Burton, Marilyn Hahn, Willa Swiller, Pamela Tucker and Pat Van Metter.

The five individual paintings shown in this web site's Faces of the Westchester Library Portraits section are all the work of Pamela Tucker.
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