Pamela Tucker and Michelle Burton created the exhibition, Faces of Westchester Libraries, to showcase the staff of Westchester libraries.

‚ÄčAs libraries take on more projects like ESL, resume writing, internet skills and access, and more, the face of the modern library might seem to be changing. But in fact, there is always a human being behind the library's shifts in technology, access, and mission. 

The project included, in the librarian's own words, why libraries are important and why they find their profession so rewarding. This documentary element added to the mission of this culturally important exhibition by personalizing the portraits and letting the individuals speak for themselves.

Shown here are two areas of the installation that show paintings by several artists including Michelle Burton, Marilyn Hahn, Willa Swiller, Pamela Tucker and Pat Van Metter.

The five individual paintings shown in this web site's Faces of the Westchester Library Portraits section are all the work of Pamela Tucker.

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